What is a Lash Lift? All You Need to Know Before Booking

Sometimes your lashes need a little extra help, no matter how much mascara you use. While falsies and lash extensions are always options, they require more maintenance. The lash lift is a great option. This is essentially a perm that curls your natural lashes. It’s relatively easy to maintain and lasts for a long time. This treatment might be worth considering if you look to cut down on your morning routine. We’ve done the research for you about the cost and the results.

What is a Lash Lift?

Clementina Richardson is a celebrity lash expert who founded Envious Lashes in New York City. The natural shape of lashes is the same. Using a small curling rod and a lifting agent, this process alters this shape. It’s not as dangerous as you might think, provided your eyes are closed while the treatment is done. However, some chemicals are involved. Only licensed professionals should perform the treatment.

How do you get a Lash Lift?

Then, your therapist will clean the eye and attach a silicone rod to the eyelids. The natural lashes will be curled and attached to the rod using an adhesive to set the lashes. After the therapist has checked that everything is in place, the therapist applies a lifting lotion to allow the lashes to mould around the curling iron. The setting lotion sets the lash shape.

The whole process should take between 45-60 minutes. To ensure that you aren’t allergic to the products used, many salons require that you perform a patch test 48-hours before your appointment.

How long does a Lash Lift last?

Depending on how fast your eyelashes grow, the results can last four to six weeks. After the treatment, you should not apply mascara for 48 hours. Instead, leave your lashes unattended for one full day.

What Does a Lash Lift cost?

Prices for treatments vary depending on where you live and the therapist.

Do lash lifts work on any length and colour of lashes?

Richardson says that lashes can be long or short but should not exceed 4mm to receive the service. Richardson also suggests that a lash tint be added to the lift. She says that the lash tint will darken and lift your natural lashes, creating an effortless look for clients who want a natural look.

Is it possible to fake a Lash Lift at home?

Although the treatment is only for salons, some products can give you that extra lift.

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