Top 10 DIY home renovation tips

Are you going on a home-renovation spree? It’s easy to make your home more personal and make the most out of the space you have offers 10 smart home renovation tips to help you save money and do it yourself.

Are you thinking about upgrading the interiors of your home? The first thing that should have come to your mind when you thought of upgrading your home interiors is hiring an architect. Hiring professionals can be costly. It might surprise you to learn that your home renovation project can be completed yourself with a little planning, research and creativity. The results may be comparable or better than professional services. These smart DIY hacks will help you renovate your home.

Get down!

The old saying, “The whole is greater than the parts of it” might be familiar to you. The mantra is to focus on the big picture while doing the small things. Effective planning is key to this. You should ask yourself these questions: What budget do I have for house renovation in auckland? Is it necessary to renovate the entire house or just a portion? Do I need to renovate the entire house or just one room? You are ready to go if you have all the requirements documented.

Money is important

Money saved is money made. Your task requires you to consider the financial aspects. It is a good idea to not spend too much on items and spaces that aren’t necessary. This will allow you to save money on the things that really matter. Don’t overestimate your budget. Make it a habit to track every expense associated with renovations.


Planning and research are key to making the task enjoyable and easy. Technology can help. You can search the internet for furniture and paint colors that are affordable, as well as interior design tips.

Puneet Dua (Head Architect, M A Architects) emphasizes the importance of doing your research when renovating a home. “DIY renovations can be beautiful if you do the research and planning properly. You might find a lamp at an interior store that is much cheaper. Online shopping, second-hand furniture, and thrift shops are all options. Recycled artifacts and plants can create a peaceful environment in your new home. It would be a great idea to read online reviews and get ideas from others who have done it.

Pay attention to the door

Doors create first impression. You can change the colour of your doors if you don’t want to replace them completely. Lighting in your room can also be affected by the colour of your doors. No matter what the room’s colour, you can paint the doors in a lighter hue.

Paints and lighting

Lighting is affected by painting. The first thing to do when renovating is to change the colour. Online research is essential. You can search for the perfect combinations, colours and paints to suit your tastes and then choose the wall color based on how much natural light is available in your home.

A black and white palette is a good option if you have a tight budget. This is one of the most cost-effective, yet elegant options. You can’t go wrong with white or black shades, according to great interior designers.

Smaller rooms will appear larger

Mirrors are a cost-effective and time-tested way to make a small house seem larger. A small space will look larger if you use mirrors sensibly.


You may also need to get rid of any unused, but still valuable, discarded or burdensome items. Make use of the extra space in your kitchen. Make your own kitchen cabinets and save money. If you don’t need a cabinet anymore, you can repaint it and reuse it.


When renovating, be aware of your windows. Consider installing larger windows. If this is impossible, you can clean and paint the windows. To maximize the light coming in, one smart tip is to paint the windows a lighter shade.


Your hygiene habits are displayed in your bathroom. To make a difference, consider inexpensive bathroom fixtures when renovating. You can also change the toilet and repaint the cabinets.

Floor renovation

It is expensive to renovate a floor. If you have a tight budget, it might be possible to delay the work or remodel the rest of your home to match the floor. Smart use of carpets can bring life to a floor and give it a new look.

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