These methods will refresh your hair without shampoo.

Do your curls look flat after washing them for 2 days? These are some ways to revive curls and make them more coily.

All of us want frizz-free, bouncy curls full of life. A great hair day is a big boost to your confidence. We have your back, girl if you want curls that stay shiny and healthy. These quick DIY steps will revive curls on a ‘No wash’ day. Please resist the urge to wash them every other day.

Shampooing is still necessary. Although shampooing isn’t a problem, over-shampooing can be. This is especially true when there are many ways to revive curls without washing them. It is also important to recognize when your curls need a refresh. If curls lack volume or liveliness, they will need a refresh.

Health Shots interviewed Yuba Khan, a hair expert and co-founder of Maintain, about how to revive curls without washing them.

You can refresh your curls with a few easy DIY steps.

Use a leave-in conditioner.

Applying leave-in conditioner to wet hair is a great way to keep your curls looking fresh. You can leave the conditioner on wet hair to keep curls in place. Use a small amount of your favorite curl cream, gel, or leave-in conditioner. The combination of conditioner and water will refresh your hair and give it a shiny, new look. Khan recommends that you spray water on your hair if you use many styling products. You can also spray water to activate any products that you used on your previous wash day if your next-day curls have yesterday’s curl crème.

Use a curl-activating spray.

Curl reactivating sprays don’t leave hair looking stale and only require a few sprays to revive your locks. To refresh your curls, you can use curl texturizing spray to crunch and plop hair.

They can be used as finger coils.

It cannot be easy to look springy with transitioning curls. Finger coils can help. Apply your favorite styling product or spray water to create flat curls. Then, twist each strand around one finger until it looks twisted. Next, curl your curls. Let them air dry. Khan says that this is a great way to revive curls.

A styling cream can give you a more natural look. The styling cream can be applied to every curl, just like a hair gel.

Use a hair gel

For older curls, hair gel can be a great hold. After spritzing the area with water or a leave-in conditioner, apply a little styling gel to each curl. You can either let curls air dry or use a diffuser with a cool setting to speed up the process for faster results.

Dry shampoo with a towel.

Dry shampoo is also a great option to refresh your curls. Dry shampoo can keep your hair nourished for longer than a few days or between washes.

Diffuse your hair

After finishing the product application or basic water spray, dry your hair. This should take less than five minutes. Drying your damp curls takes about ten minutes. To ensure your hair doesn’t become dry or frizzy, you can finish the process by smoothing your hair or applying 2-3 drops of hydrating oils to your hair.

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