Skin Care Article: Forget Solving Acne… PREVENT Acne

Forget Solving Acne… PREVENT Acne!

As we all know, acne has become a major skin care concern for men and women everywhere. We could talk all day about the countless solutions that deal with acne, but what about preventing acne? Understanding what triggers blemishes will lead to fewer breakouts, happier skin, and a happier you!

Hands off!

One simple step you can take to prevent blemishes and acne is to keep your fingers and hands off your face – especially when the all-too-common temptation to pick or pop pimples or whiteheads arises. Touching blemishes can transfer bacteria from your fingers to your skin, potentially increasing the risk of incurring more blemishes. Improperly extracted blemishes can lead to more breakouts, infections, and even scarring. Instead, get your hands on a spot treatment designed to eliminate bacteria and sooth redness.

But fingers aren’t the only culprit hiding bacteria. Dirty pillow cases, animal hair and telephones can all transfer unwanted dirt, oil, and bacteria to the skin. Wash your sheets and pillowcases and use cosmeceutical linen sprays regularly, wipe down your telephone receiver with alcohol on a daily basis (don’t forget your cell phone!), and even though we all love to do it – try to avoid nuzzling your pet’s fur.

Further, be sure to also wash your hands immediately after coming in contact or playing with your pet. Once someone considers how many unpleasant surfaces our hands come in contact with only a daily basis, keeping them off of your face should be cinch! For daily, all-day protection of your skin, be sure to infuse an AM and PM cleansing regimen into your day.

Take your vitamins!

Vitamins don’t just benefit overall health, they also benefit skin in particular. Add sufficient amounts of Vitamin C and Vitamin E, as well as Beta Carotene and Zinc to your diet for skin benefits. Among other things, these antioxidants protect cells from free radicals, promote collagen replenishment, and boost your immune system. Vitamin E has been shown to provide particular promise in treating acne as it helps prevent sebum, normally present in the pores, from thickening. When mixed with bacteria and dead skin cells, thickened sebum can result in an increase in blemishes.

A Good Foundation

Finally, a question women should take seriously: Are you using the best cosmetics for your skin? Think about it. We all know a majority of women almost refuse to leave the house without some foundation here, a little concealer there, and of course a touch of powder… everywhere. If you’re suffering from blemishes, try reaching for a foundation or powder that is oil-free and lightweight; preferably with at least SPF 15. These will help combat the damaging effects of UV rays without causing further blemishes or breakouts. Best of both worlds!

Just remember: blemishes need not be a constant companion. Practice smart skin care and take the proper preventative steps to make these pesky bumps a thing of your past

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