Salon Secrets Series – Professional Flat Iron Styling Tips

You may have seen video tutorials on hair straightening, curling your hair, flipping your hair and other styling techniques using a flat iron. Now, learn from a salon professional!

Our Salon Secrets video series includes valuable do’s, don’ts and great insider tips for styling your hair at home with a ceramic flat iron, demonstrated by a licensed hairdresser. Watch the whole series to brush up on basics and style-saving secrets you’ve never known. Finally – learn the REAL way to get that sleek salon finish at home!

Salon Secrets 101 –

How to Use a Flat Iron

The first in our hair styling video series, a licensed salon professional walks you through the best way to get results that look like you paid for them – and it’s easy enough to do at home. All you need is your ceramic hair straightener and you’re ready to be polished perfection in no time.

Don’t miss the next two videos for more valuable tips & techniques that’ll come in handy no matter what your style!

Salon Secrets 201 –

How to Flip with a Flat Iron

The second video of the series demonstrates how to get perfect flips, both under and out, and also shares some insider tips on how not to style your hair with a flat iron. (But don’t worry…it also teaches you easy ways to fix some common mistakes as you go, so if you hit a snag in your morning routine, you’ll know how to recover fast!)

If your ceramic flat iron has plates with curved edges, you can achieve the same polished, dramatic effects.

Salon Secrets 301 –

How to Curl with a Flat Iron

Big, beachy curls without a curling iron? Our licensed salon professional teaches you how to get dramatic lift, volume and beautiful curls that will last all day. All you need is a ceramic flat iron with curved edges, and you can get the same effects!

This video also shares some insider techniques for finishing up the style so that it’s all-around perfection, including how to get natural-looking lift at the top of your ‘do. Don’t miss this last styling video in the Salon Secrets series!

Salon Secrets 401 –

How to Shop for Flat Irons

There’s a lot of options out there when it comes to choosing the best flat iron. In this episode, our professional cosmetologist will show you the right way to shop for a flat iron, and help you make the right choice when it comes time to purchase this important styling tool.

Don’t miss the next two videos for more valuable tips & techniques that’ll come in handy when purchasing a new flat iron!

Salon Secrets 501 –

How to Care for Flat Irons

Want to get the maximum results from your new styling tool?

In this video, our professional cosmetologist Maria will walk you through the proper way maintain your flat iron. Watch and learn as Maria teaches you some valuable tips on how to take care of your flat iron and ensure a long-lasting relationship between you and your favorite styling accessory.

Salon Secrets 601 –

Flat Iron Do’s and Don’ts

In this episode, our licensed cosmetologist Maria will go over the common mistakes people make when using a flat iron. From the high fashion Do’s to the horrifying Don’ts, Maria will show you the right way and the wrong way to use your flat iron.

For more fashionable tips and techniques, don’t forget to check out the additional videos above for hair care ideas that’ll come in handy for your next night out!

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