A gym is the melting pot of people with different personalities, stories, and tastes. Some have dedicated their lives to fitness, and some come to the gym for the post-workout selfies. Same can be said about the fitness groups Newcastle residents join. Here are six types of people you will meet when you join a fitness group.


He (or she) is most probably your trainer. What he can do deserve only one description, God-level mojo. No one in the group can come close to the way he works out. In fact, you know for a fact he is not at his very best during the group exercise. For, if he did, you and the others will be blinded by his godly performance. 

God’s Partner

This is the only person who can come close to what God can do. Chances are he is your trainer’s workout partner. He has enough energy and mettle to match (barely) the god-like performance, but falls short, nevertheless. However, he is still far more superior to anyone else in the gym. 

The Powerhouse

The energy this guy has can power up a whole village. He never, I say, never, gets tired. The Powerhouse of the fitness group can do several rounds of Tabata, followed by around 10-15 burpees. He may not be as good as God, but he is still someone to look up to for fitness goals. 

The Overenthusiastic

This one is happy-go-lucky. He (or she) is quite inspired by the above three types and wishes to match their level. As such, they try to take their work out to the next level, even if it hurts or they faint. They are the type to try and impress god but end up pulling a muscle instead. 

The Skipper

The Skipper is the one who, on the outside, is enthusiastic but is lazy. You will find this guy skimping on the workout when no one is noticing. However, he is fooling no one, especially the trainer, with his act. 

The Good Student

This guy is the epitome of a good student. He follows every instruction diligently and works hard during his workout. The Good Student is the one who comes in at a set time without fail. He is mostly silent during exercise and focus on burning calories. Therefore, your trainer will love training him. 


The world is filled with people of different personalities and so are the gyms. Each type contributes to a whole lot of fun during the workout. What would otherwise be sweats and a whole lot of pain becomes interesting with the different kinds of people. So, which of these are you?

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