There are obviously a lot of things running in the mind of a bride-to-be which keeps her up at night. One of the biggest things would be Wedding day hair. The last thing which a bride would want is for her hair to look bad on the one special day. It is fair because all the eyes will be on her and she will want to look special. 

You might be trying out new hair treatments like dyeing, glazing, masking and also try out new hair lengths, but too much planning before your special occasion might leave you completely exhausted for the big day. In order to look great on your wedding day, you will have to pay attention to each and every minor detail which most of the brides usually miss out. These are some of the mistakes which brides make during their wedding day and how you can overcome them:

  • Morning Hair Washes: It might look okay to wash your hair on a special day. However, it is a big NO to wash your hair that day as it can make your hair frizzy and tough to style. It does not matter if it is a bit greasy and tangled because of the events prior to the wedding. Do not wash your hair!

You can avoid this problem by washing your hair the day before the wedding so that your scalp will retain all the natural oils. In case your hair gets too greasy, try using a dry shampoo which can help in soaking all the excess amount of oil. 

  • Last-Minute Cuts: You might have the plan to grow your hair for the wedding and realize that you have the problem of split ends. Never opt for a trim because your hair will definitely not hang on to the style when you get closer to the wedding. However, if you want to get a haircut or plan your hairstyle for the occasion, do it 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding. To find out all the agencies which provide the bridal hair makeovers near you, try searching for Wedding hair Sydney to get the list of all the agencies around you. 
  • Using a Leave-in Conditioner: No one wants their hair to be too soft or greasy on their big day. Conditioners often provide a smooth and shiny texture to your hair. But if it is too soft, it will be difficult to work with and it is bond to take a long-lasting effect on the lifetime of your hairstyle. Hence, do not use any kind of leave-in conditioners at least one week before your wedding. 
  • Choosing the Wrong Hair Accessories: It is definitely your day but you do not want to go over the line and overdo from the head to toe right? There are a lot of brides who pick the wrong hair accessories for all the events before the actual marriage. When you go for jewelry shopping, do carry your outfits so that you can check out the accessories with the sarees so that you do not miss out on anything. Pick the accessories in such a way that they have to compliment your outfit. 
  • Try Something New with Your Hair: Wedding days are definitely not the ideal time to experiment with new styles and lengths for your hair. Never try flicks if you have not sported one. Flicks might end up getting messy and can look untidy after a while. Apart from all the make-up trials, you have to go for your hair trials at least two months prior to the occasion. Your stylist will then have the time to guide you in the right way and choose the right hairstyle for you. Take pictures of all the trials so that you can have a clear idea of which style suits you the best. 
  • Trying Clip-in Hair Extensions: Never make the mistake of using clip-in hair extensions if you have not used them yet. You might have seen brides who wear them and look amazing on websites but it does not mean that you will look the same. Enquire about these extensions with your stylist. Your stylist can guide you if you really need them and train you accordingly.

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