Healthy Living Benefits Of Soy

By now you have probably heard a lot about soy, how great it is, how it works great for those on a diet and for those looking for healthy living tips and advice to improve their routines. Soy is great because it doesn’t carry a lot of the negative things regular milk does but it can be used as a substitute that is not only tasty, but healthy for you as well. Now the exact difference between fat, vitamins and nutrients, and things of that sort are debatable based on what type of milk you are drinking compared to what type of soy milk you are drinking.

For people who are looking to lose weight and watch their calorie and fat intake, fat free milk may be better for you than regular soy milk. However, for many people who have a problem with lactose, soy milk is the ideal substitute because it tastes similar but doesn’t have any of the same qualities as dairy does, including lactose. Even lactose friendly milk may not work for some people who have a bad intolerance or allergy to it. So soy becomes a great substitute to use in your coffee, drink, or to prepare food with. People who prefer a more natural or vegan lifestyle also rely on soy because it does not come from an animal. Organic lovers also prefer soy because it is cheaper than many organic milks and the quality is usually better as well.

Next time you are in the store you may want to simply look at the cartons to compare everything, as far as fat, calories, vitamin percentages and so forth. Because everyone is worried about something else, there is no clear cut choice between the two beverages. If you are just trying to lose some weight and you need to cut back on calories and fat, then fat free milk will go along with your diet plan the best. As far as healthy living tips and advice for people who want to get away from dairy products, not just those who are lactose intolerant, your best bet is to go with soy milk (actually a juice) because of the many valuable nutrients it offers. As with milk there are also different brands and types of soy milk so you want to do your research.

Just because you do not like one doesn’t not mean you will not like soy milk itself. As far as the benefits of either beverage that again is based on the reason you are interested in trying soy. First make sure it fits your diet plan and if it does and it also benefits your healthy living plan then why not give it a try? Learning what works and what doesn’t work before you even have to taste something is part of how we make healthy living plans work. If you can substitute high fat, high calorie items you love with healthier versions that still taste great then you will not have a hard time making the transition. So look for healthy alternatives to your favorite foods and beverages but also look for alternatives to what you use to prepare food. You love your coffee but by making it with soy you get the same taste with better qualities.

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