There are so many parenting books on the market, how to potty train your child, how to get them to share, what they should be doing during the day and so on. There are also plenty of books on how they should eat and it is this advice and tips for healthy living you are most interested in. The problem may start with how we view vegetables. When you are young they are part of meal you have to eat in order to get dessert. As you get older and your health becomes a bigger concern, they are part of a diet which is best for you to be on. But why do they have to be something we have to get through? Why can’t they be something we look forward to eating?

You don’t eat pizza because you have too, you eat it because you want too and the same needs to take place with vegetables if you want your kids to eat them on a regular basis. But for some reason we change our thinking with fruits and vegetables when it comes to eating them as part of our diet. Do you eat tomatoes whole? As if they were an apple or something? Probably not, but you love spaghetti sauce, ketchup, pizza and so forth. Well that’s because the tomato is prepared and cooked in a certain way to your liking. You simply need to find a way to do the same thing with other vegetables for your kids in order to get them on board. Do they like green beans or broccoli? Probably not and you are always trying to think of ways to get them to eat it.

Well what do you like to eat your veggies in? How about a creamy white sauce poured over pasta with some carrot and broccoli pieces and roasted chicken? Well that’s how you eat your vegetables, so why not try the same approach with your kids. Rather than put the broccoli on one side of the plate and the mac n cheese on the other, combine them. While your mixing everything together for the mac n cheese throw some broccoli in there, then it isn’t a challenge for your kids to try and eat it. This works well with so many vegetables and finding a way to incorporate them with things they love eating to begin with is a great way of getting them to not only eat but to love their veggies.

Part of teaching kids about advice and tips for healthy living and the best diets for them is to make sure that they are already doing or eating the right things before they even realize it. If they love your broccoli mac n cheese then it really won’t be that difficult to try and explain to them why they should eat it. Instead of having to tell them they need to eat their veggies because it’s part of a healthy living diet, you are simply telling them dinner is ready. So be creative, that’s the main key to tips for healthy living and diet advice, finding something that works for you, a recipe, a routine, anything which can help you to be healthier that doesn’t seem like a chore. Keep that up and the next thing you know eating healthy, exercising, and being active are all things you will do not because you have too, but because you want too and isn’t that the ultimate goal? Well now it can be a goal you reach for yourself as well as for your kids.

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