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Eye shadow is my favorite product in my makeup bag. Like most red carpet stomping gals in Hollywood, I love to play around with color combinations. Here are some ways to get “the look” with shadow combinations ranging from absolutely easy to creatively complex, using pure organic products. When it comes to color options, Dr.Hauschka, NVEY ECO, Suki and Living Nature, are definitely worth checking out for great mineral shadows. For all the looks I mention below, you should finish with a coat or two of your favorite natural mascara.

Blues and purples are my favorite, especially since they bring out my blue eyes. Try NVEY ECO Organic Eye Shadow in 156 (heather blue shimmer) or Dr.Hauschka Eyeshadow Solo in 05 Smoky Blue. Lavenders like NVEY Eco’s Organic Eye Shadow in 164 (periwinkle lavender) work well on lighter skin tones. If you have a darker complexion, go with a deep plum or purple like Dr.Hauschka Eyeshadow Solo in 07 Smoky Violet.

For easy daytime looks, simply sweep a single shade from the lid to the crease, blending the shadow at the top. Line eyes with a blue or black shadow or liner. If you want to get more complicated, try wearing a darker blue shade at the inner corners of your eyes. Apply a lighter shade towards the outer corners and blend the shades together. Rim your lids with a smoky dark blue liner and blend well.  Or instead of going from side to side, layer your hues from bottom to top. Apply a light shade from the lid to the area slightly above your crease and blend. Follow with a darker shade only on your eyelid.

Green is another color that’s fun to play with. Try variations of the looks I’ve described above substituting green for blue. Try layering a shimmery green with a great gold, which really brings out brown and hazel eyes. Line eyes with a navy or dark brown shadow or liner for more impact. I like the Living Nature Eye Shadow Duo in Ferns. Or try Dr.Hauschka’s Eye Shadow Solos in 06 Shadow Green and 01 Sunglow.

Take your gold to the next level for a gilded look that’s perfect for extra nighttime sparkle. NVEY ECO Organic Eye Shadow in 167 (bronzed marigold shimmer) is universally flattering. Apply from the lid to the crease and then use a liner brush to sweep the shadow on your lower lash line, ringing the entire eye with a thin line of shadow. Use a dark brown shadow (or eye liner) like the Suki Triple Cream Eye Definer in Mocha to apply a thin line to your top lash line only.

A fresh take on a chic evening look is a soft pink shadow paired with black liquid liner. Try Living Nature’s Eye Shadow Duo in Blossoms. Apply the petal pink shade to your entire lid and blend above the crease. Then add a bit of the darker shade only to the outer crease for definition. Finish with a thin line of Dr.Hauschka Liquid Eyeliner to your top lash line only. Or if you prefer to be sultry as opposed to sweet, go with a classic smoky eye using daring shades of dark green, blue and purple. Mineral makeup is great for achieving this look because it can go on sheer but will get darker as you layer. Apply one layer from the lid to slightly above the crease and blend up towards your eyebrows. Apply a second layer only on your eyelid and blend at the edge into the crease. Then you can get even more intensity by wetting the shadow and using it as a liner, blending it in.

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