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    7 Tips To Improve Your Overall Health & Fitness


    With a busy schedule of juggling work and personal life, health and fitness are often pushed down on your list of priorities. Whether you’re worried about your recent weight gain or you’ve observed a dip in your energy levels, there’s no time better than now to get your health back on track. And here’s how […] More

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    Best Ways To Relieve Back Pain

    When I was growing up, in the living room, Dad had his own personal chair that no one could sit in. At my grandparents’ house my grandmother sat in an oversized fabric recliner that I craved to sit in. As a child I couldn’t understand why I was not allowed to sit in these chairs […] More

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    Back Pain: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatments

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    Chronic back pain could be caused from multiple things. A lot of times our everyday activities could be the cause of the pain that we may sustain.  According to an article on Realage there are everyday habits that could be the cause of our pain. For instance, smoking can cause pain. How is this? In […] More