If you’re new to the world of massage therapies then we wish you a warm welcome. Massage therapy has been around for centuries now and can be found in previous Chinese medical texts and Egyptian tombs. In the current day and age, massage therapists are insanely capable of manipulating the tissue structure so that healing and deep relaxation can be promoted. 

Using massage therapy, you can treat various types of injuries and health problems, thereby enhancing your level of wellness. However, all of these procedures are still held back by several myths & misconceptions in the minds of people. So, to solve that mystery, we are here, along with some myth-busting facts. 

Massage Therapy Facts

  • A Massage Is Only Just A Massage


Every massage therapy serves a type of purpose. According to professional services for therapeutic massage in Auckland, the main aim of providing the massage is to provide relaxation – both for your mind and body. And the way that relaxation will be offered will depend on the massage therapist. 

For instance, you’d want to solve your backache and you eventually learn that the problem’s source is your ankles. Thus, massage will be provided to your ankles so that the pain in your back can be reduced. 

  • Massage Therapy Only Involves The Muscles


It should be known that massage therapy is much more than just dealing with muscles. It also deals with your mind and nerves. With the help of massage therapy, you can stretch tightened areas, allowing you to relieve the connected bones, organs and muscles. With the help of massaging, you can loosen joints, make the movement of your body easier and thereby reduce any swelling. Any fluid build-up in your leg joints can lead to arthritic pains, which can be reduced through massage therapy. 

Massage therapy also improves the flow of blood through the lymph and thus reduce any painful swelling. As a result, the overall blood circulation will be increased, which will move more nutrients and wastes through the body’s circulatory system. 

  • Massage Therapy Has Only Temporary Effects


A good and reputed massage therapist will do much more than just reduce your body pains and aches. He or she should always make you feel comfortable even after the effects of the massage wears off. You must remember that human body muscles tend to have a long memory. For example, if you hold your muscle in an awkward position such as your neck while working on a computer, you can easily reduce the normal flow of blood to your brain. Ultimately, it triggers pain in your neck.

Thus, with the help of a regular massage therapy process, you’ll be able to address your pain patterns and thereby improve your body posture & mechanics. 

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