When I was growing up, in the living room, Dad had his own personal chair that no one could sit in. At my grandparents’ house my grandmother sat in an oversized fabric recliner that I craved to sit in. As a child I couldn’t understand why I was not allowed to sit in these chairs that I loved so much. As an adult I found out the reason behind it all. As a child after being told not to sit in a specific area of the room it becomes second nature to steer away from those “danger” areas. On a beautiful Saturday afternoon while strolling the busy streets of Manhattan, I came across an interesting furniture store that caught my eye. From the intricate multicolored woven carpets to the Victorian style bedroom sets this furniture store really had some exquisite pieces. Towards the back of this store was a baby section, and in this section was a plush light pink recliner.

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Out of sheer curiosity (and a bit of rebellion) I sat down in a chair that I had been deprived of for years. In less than a second I found a friend, tasted heaven, and fell in love! This plush baby pink recliner felt like I was sitting on a mountain of cotton candy. All that was missing were my bedroom slippers and a pacifier. I was sold.This type of product should have its own show room, centered in the middle of clouds, with sky lights shining down from above signaling to customers that they have just found the greatest product on earth. For an hour, despite awkward stares from the employees, I sat in that chair. Not only was this chair comfortable, but it had a heated vibrating seat, a 360° swivel, detachable head rest, and your choice of fabric or leather. It felt as good as it sounds. This chair was coming home with me so after a brief nap I inquired about the cost of the recliner. To my disappointment the price of the recliner was equivalent to my rent.

My dad never let me sit in their recliners and I now know why. As the years rolled by I watch my parents replace or upgrade every piece of furniture in our house. Throughout it all it the recliner was the last to go. Whether my parents remodeled or redecorated that trusty old recliner made its mark. I think my father would rather give up one of his children before he’d let go of his chair. Technology has advanced tremendously, cars and homes are solar powered, same sex marriages have been made legal in some states, but letting go of your longtime love can be the most difficult. Over twenty eight years have gone by and my dad is now a grand dad. He learned to use a cell phone and adjusted to the new functions of his new car but he never let go of his chair. So when my mom brought him a new recliner we put the old one in the garage.

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