Chronic back pain could be caused from multiple things. A lot of times our everyday activities could be the cause of the pain that we may sustain.  According to an article on Realage there are everyday habits that could be the cause of our pain. For instance, smoking can cause pain. How is this? In the article it states that smoking not only causes back pain but it also increases your chances of osteoporosis. So all smokers must consider the fact that not only do they have to worry about lung cancer or second-hand smoke, but chronic back pain has also been added to that list. Also stated as a means of back pain is slouching. This is the most obvious of all causes.  Everyone at a younger age has dealt with being told to sit up straight. I know I was one of those people whose parents constantly chastised to improve my posture.

As a child or teenager, you feel the need to sit more comfortable than sit right. So slouching becomes habit and with that habit comes strain on your back. With the strain come problems with the structure of your back. Next, there is problem with how you sleep. Many of us sleep in one position for the entire night, while others wrestle with the mattress and covers. Sleeping awkwardly may cause problems with your back and cause stiffness. Find the perfect position and stay there, if possible, throughout the night to prevent future pain while sleeping. Finally, there is stress. According to Realage Stress can increase muscle tension, which can magnify back pain. To avoid gaining back pain the above pointers come with simple solutions. In my opinion, just stop smoking. Though it may seem tough there are many supplements to help cut the addiction.

Back Pain Causes

Once accomplished not only will you breathe easy but you will also be able to move easy. As for slouching, I would suggest practice, practice, and practice. Practice perfect posture. Sitting properly, and standing up right can really be helpful in helping back pain. Try not to be a bad sleeper. Being a wild sleeper can be bad for your back. Sleep in a proper comfortable position; keep your head elevated, and spine aligned. Eliminate any stress. If there are things in your life that keep you stressed out try and eliminate or deal with them in a way that keeps you calm. Eliminating the stressor or meditating are sure ways of decreasing stress. Not only will you be able to get rid of other stress related problems, but you will also get rid of back pain. There are other causes of chronic back pain as well. For a more medically advanced outlook on the chronic illnesses, pain could be caused by something such as spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, or spondylolisthesis.

Chronic pain could also be caused by unknown factors such as neuropathic pain. Other medical causes of chronic back pain is Scoliosis (abnormal curvature of the spine), Kyphosis also known as Hump back in which the shoulders and upper back are rounded forward and lordosis also known as sway back in which the spinal curve is in a forward direction when its viewed from the side. There are other common ways to become a victim of chronic back pain. Another obvious factor is injury. This injury could be caused by a fall or a possible car accident.  Another cause of injury would be muscle strain or sprain.  Over working your muscles without a lot of exercise could cause excessive pain. Pregnancy is also a factor and another medical issue that can cause back pain. Some of the least common factors are infections and tumors, which can also cause pain. Looking at other sources there are quite few reasons behind having chronic back pain. According to WebMD they list a few causes not listed above.

For instance, sleeping on a poor mattress. Like junk mail, people tend to keep their mattresses forever. There is no particular reason why, but parting with your mattress isn’t common. A mattress is supposed to be replaced every 5-10 years. So if your mattress is knocking on twenty’s door and you can feel the springs in your mattress it may be time to invest in a new mattress. Being overweight is another cause for the disease. Excess weight can put extra strain on the back and knees.  A way to deal with being overweight is exercise and healthy eating. With exercise and the proper diet, you may be able to lose weight, get down to your target size and release pressure from your back and legs. Another cause not mentioned before now is traumatic injury. Traumatic injury can cause back pain possibly through stress. As mentioned earlier, stress is a cause of chronic back pain. A factor no woman wants hear could cause her pain with her back is her heels. Yes, wearing high heels can cause chronic back pain. I’m not sure about others but my stilettos are my best friends. Though my feet and shoes sometimes don’t agree, I have a deep love for my shoes.

The last piece of depressing news I want to hear is, my high heels could possibly be the cause of my back pain or future back pain. Last, a factor for suffering from chronic back pain is no obvious physical cause. If there aren’t any known physical causes then its possible that the cause is a result of a more internal medical problem such as those listed earlier in the essay. When it comes to my back pain I can speak on my causes and solutions.  I do know that my back pain comes from a car accident from few years ago. I also know that I have had issues with back pain due to pretending to be a superhero and lifting objects twice my size. Finally, issues I have had with my back also comes from me sleeping improperly. I don’t sleep wild but I do a lot of moving while sleeping. I also don’t keep my head elevated. I noticed that sleeping on flat pillows might cause pain not only in your neck but also in your back. I always update my pillows every couple of months to help take some of the pressure off my neck, which eases the pain in my back. Also, I use medication prescribed to me by my doctor, heating pads, being careful when I bend or sit, and lifting smaller items as remedies to ease or prevent back pain.

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