What harms teeth whiteness? This question arises for everyone who cares about their beauty. We all want to have beautiful, glowing smile, which is inseparable from the blinding white teeth. However, teeth enamel tends to change color and sometimes impossible to prevent this, only with toothpaste and toothbrush.

Take care of your white teeth

Specialists identifies the following key factors affecting the teeth whiteness:

1. Food.

Food pigment molecules settle on tooth enamel. Food which contains acids and tannins affects stronger:

Dark sour berries – blueberries, cherries, dark species of grapes, cranberries, which are so beneficial to our health, but still the teeth whiteness. And everything because of large amount of acids and coloring pigments in them. Soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, curry spices may also leave their mark on the tooth enamel. Carrots and beets, which are known as natural dyes, also color the enamel. For those who have recently whiten teeth, it is recommended to refrain from their use at least three weeks. And finally, dark chocolate also harms teeth whiteness. However, don’t forget that dark chocolate can be beneficial for your mood, health if used in moderation.

2. Drinks.

Carbonated soft drinks which are bad for your teeth as well as the entire body. They contain artificial additives (preservatives, sweeteners, flavorings, emulsifiers, soda, caffeine), which damages teeth enamel and affects teeth whiteness.

Tea – delicious and fragrant, but unfortunately, strong black and green tea has a lot of tannins, which can color the tooth enamel. Less harmful is considered to be white tea. But, it should be noted, that the same tannins are beneficial for the health of our teeth – they stop the spread of germs that cause bad breath and tooth decay in your mouth. Coloring properties of herbal teas, depend on composition. Chamomile and lime buds tea do not affect the color of teeth. 

Coffee. The most harmful for teeth color is instant coffee, less harmful is ground coffee. The colorants qualities of coffee may be weakened by drinking coffee with milk. The same is true for tea. White and red wine contain acids which make the enamel less resistant to dyes. In addition, red wine contains a coloring pigments that are detrimental to tooth color.

 3. Remedies.

Liquid iron preparations darkens teeth enamel. Antibiotics tetracycline and doxycycline can change the color of tooth enamel, especially if they are given for children, whose teeth are still growing.

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