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    How Group Fitness Classes Are Better Option Than Hiring Personal Trainer?

    Gym sessions usually organize group fitness classes. These are fun and exciting as compared to hiring a personal trainer at home. There are many advantages offered by these sessions. Group classes are always beneficial for beginners if you are unaware of the exercise pattern. People who are not having the right knowledge, often benefit from […] More

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    6 Types of People You Will Meet in a Fitness Group

    A gym is the melting pot of people with different personalities, stories, and tastes. Some have dedicated their lives to fitness, and some come to the gym for the post-workout selfies. Same can be said about the fitness groups Newcastle residents join. Here are six types of people you will meet when you join a […] More

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    7 Tips To Improve Your Overall Health & Fitness

    With a busy schedule of juggling work and personal life, health and fitness are often pushed down on your list of priorities. Whether you’re worried about your recent weight gain or you’ve observed a dip in your energy levels, there’s no time better than now to get your health back on track. And here’s how […] More

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    X Ways to Keep Your Feet Happy and Pain-free


    Even a little discomfort or pain in your heels can give you sleepless nights. Feet is probably the most neglected part of our body. We pay great attention to our skin and hair, but we don’t give even a fraction of that time to our feet which come to bite us back in our older […] More