9 Things Every Makeup Artist Wishes She Knew

A professional makeup artist can make you feel 10x better about your special occasion. Do you love to relax and let a professional makeup artist do their magic?

Your makeup artist may have tips and tricks to make your experience more enjoyable.

Prep your Skin and Lips

This is particularly important if you have booked a makeup artist to do your wedding or other important events. You can treat yourself to several facial weeks before the event but avoid anything that might cause allergic reactions. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize your skin every day before the event. Although makeup artists can be described as wizards, they are much more effective when their skin is healthy. Keep your skin and lips moisturized to ensure smooth application, less creasing and a polished look.


This means that you don’t need foundation, primer, or mascara. Your MUA will offer all these items and apply them to your face as part of the complete package. This means you shouldn’t use makeup on top of your foundation. Professional makeup artists will always have a suitable cream for your skin if it is very dry. Check out our top cleansers.

Keep on time

It is common for makeup artists to have back-to-back appointments. This can cause chaos and make it difficult to schedule everything. You should notify your makeup artist immediately if you are late. Don’t skip your appointment. You can cancel your appointment if you are unable to make it.

Visual aids can be helpful.

Or will know what you want. They will be able to tell you what looks good on you based on your hair, skin, eyes, and colors. But you can decide what you would like to look like. It cannot be easy to communicate your ideas. Make a mood board/booklist with your ideas so that the makeup artist knows your preferences and likes. You can then work together to create your perfect look. Look through magazines and make Pinterest boards. Or, if you have a makeup artist whose work is online, that’s even better.

A mood board or lookbook is a great way to communicate your expectations with your MUA. Your MUA can access your board by emailing you in advance. This will allow them to be prepared and help you start a conversation about your goals.


Remember that makeup is intended to enhance your appearance, not alter them. You will always look the same regardless of how contouring or airbrushing works. Talk to her about your options and let her know if you don’t like something.

Silence is golden

After you have agreed on a makeup look, your MUA will apply lipstick and other delicate details such as mascara and eyeliner. Take a break. Your MUA will do their best to make clean lines and apply makeup to a moving head. You are both working towards the same goal, so they may not be as used to it. You can politely ask for a pause if you need to say something.

Do not be afraid to speak up.

Clear communication is the best way to avoid regret. Your makeup artist must create a look that you love. They are happy to hear from you about any concerns. Let your makeup artist know if there are any parts of your look you don’t like.

Do not touch their products or makeup tools.

We get that it sounds ridiculous, but they have great makeup kits with so many great products you could be window-shopping for quite a while. You can pick up the products and possibly

Last note: Tipping

Like any professional service provider, your MUA will accept and appreciate a tip. However, it is not expected. Your MUA will appreciate a tip if you are satisfied with the service. If the service was beyond your financial means, but you still want to express gratitude, please refer them to your family and friends. Referring keeps them in business, one of the most genuine (and sincere) ways to say thank you.

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