10 St. Patrick’s Day Makeup Ideas That Aren’t Too Cheesy

People often associate green makeup with tasteless, poorly applied makeup. While the color may not be a staple for everyday beauty, we love the opportunity to try new looks. We couldn’t resist sharing some of our favorite green eye makeup looks with you in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. You don’t have to wear a green shirt this holiday. Instead, try these St. Patrick’s Day makeup looks.

Only apply a light green wash to your eyelids, and leave the rest of your face uncolored. You don’t need to worry about colors clashing in this case. It would be best to cover any redness or blemishes because green will only accept it.

Green Eyeliner

Green eyeliner should be the focal point of your makeup look if you plan to use it. You can keep it near your lash line or draw a line along your eyelids.

Two-Toned Eyeshadow

We deliberately avoided green/gold because it is not the most flattering combination. These are some new combinations that you can try. Apply your waterline turquoise eyeliner for a summer look. For a more dramatic look, apply your waterline turquoise liner to your inner corner for a smokey look.

Green eyeliner should be the focal point of your makeup look if you plan to use it. You can keep it near your lash line or draw a line along your eyelids.

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